Buk of Jak Ch.6 v. 86 – 87

This video of friend Michael Richards was shot in San Diego in Dec. 1976.

Michael Richards at Cal Arts early 1970’s.


Buk of Jak Ch. 10 v. 166 – 167

This video was produced for the Chinese National Tourism Admistration in 1997. We had two national hosts, and one host at each site. They all had English names, for those of us who couldn’t understand Chinese. The hosts were very nice and friendly, and it reflected positively on the Chinese people and culture.

Buk of Jak Ch. 6 v. 82 – 83

This piece “K – TU,” was actually produced 10 years after I graduated from California Institute of the Arts.  It utilizes the Paik-Abe Video Synthsizer that I built under guidence of Shuya Abe, the Japanese technician working with Nam June Paik.  Man June Paik, a Korean Artist, is widely considered the Grandfather of Video Art.


Old Cowboy hat I found signed by all my CIA professors.

UFO Mags

I found these UFO magazines from the 1970’s that my Dad collected.  We shared a mutual interest in this sort of thing.  He did say at one time he saw something in the sky over San Diego harbor that he knew was “Not one of ours.”