Momentary Memory Madness Metered from the Mind of Meathead

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Momentary Memory Madness Metered from the Mind of Meathead   –  Thanks to my Dad, John Anthony BuChans Jr. (John Agony) for dubbing me that.  As my Mother, Katherine Marie Schuh would say “Togetherness Father,” in an effort to lighten the mood around our family.

circa 1963 l-r Jack, John, Mary Anne, Kay, Bill BuChans

Throughout my life I have had a good exposure to the arts.  Whether it be through art classes when I was young or being a virtual King along with my good friend Phil Tippett (of Tippett Studios) at the Art Department of Palomar Junior College in San Marcos, CALI.

It was on the basis of my large-scale granite and steel, post-minimal sculpture done at Palomar that got me into California Institute of the Arts, Walt Disney’s school for the arts, in its first year of existence in 1970.

Paul Brach, Head of the Art Dept. thought “If we just had a few more of my type then the department would be in good shape.”  Little did he know I would betray that sentiment and bolt from sculpture over to video as a new art form.  This was due to such notable luminaries as Nam June Paik – The Grandfather of Video Art, and his technician from Japan, Shuya Abe.  Course who could forget Gene Youngblood writer of the seminal work “Expanded Cinema?”

When asked the question as I was, by an Assistant Art Professor, “Are these electronic instruments Tools or Toys?”  Don’t answer as I did, “Toys.”  Cause you will fail and have to repeat until you answer correctly.

I wish to thank my Mother for basically forgetting my childhood while letting me have the full run of the Coronado Playhouse instead.  Those were my formative years while she handled backstage duties, the time is late 1950’s.  Mother would happily drag me, kicking and screaming to summer outdoor theatre for such performances as “Oklahoma,” and “Music Man.”  She subjected me to many Operas and Symphonies.  Although to her credit we did go to see Kurosawa’s “High and Low,” with a friend of hers once. This film was not at all what they expected to see I think.

TJ, Mex 1952

I am telling this in a way of giving background information and history so that my further missives on Art, Fashion and History will have foundation. Hence much of my personal style is rooted in performance and theatre.   This Blog will showcase a certain Northwest Look I have developed over a lifetime of assembling costumes and period pieces.

In November 2000, Darel Grothus, a friend introduced me to The Mankind Project (MKP) – New Warrior Adventure Training Weekend.  Opening the Doors of Perception in my Mind.  Couple that with several Prophets and Futurists – Dr. James J.Hurtak of the Academy for Future Science in the Bay Area, Cali 1974-1975.   Following next was John Henry Payne, Shaman and Bull of the Woods in Vancouver, B.C. Canada 1975-1976.

TJ, Mex 1952

This lead me to creating an Alter Ego “EL COYOTE,” (KAI-YA-HO-TAY) who shall appear from time to time as a character in my Artwork and on these Blogs.

Ensenada, Mex 1952


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