El Jefe of the Callejon - photo courtesy Anna Braswell

First in a series of vintage characters introduced by

” El –  Kai Ya Ho Tay.”

These are on display from period pieces collected since 1969.  Having grown up in the border town Diego a short distance from TJ.  “L Ky” spent many a day south of the line.

Bienvenidos a TJ

Highly developed sense of style more along the lines showing a Western theme a la “Old Mexico.”  The outfit is one of Christophe Loiron’s creations:  MISTER FREEDOM®

Johnnie Depp wears Mister Freedom so I guess “L Ky’s” in good company here.  Doesn’t make as much $ tho.

Special Shout-Out to Jarom Newbill at Reveille shop in Portland for turning me on to this style of clothing.

The tie is a 1940’s era vintage hand painted Western tie from Billy’s “No Parking on Pike,” shop in Seattle.

Shot taken in front of old time Mexican photographers backdrop

Jacket “L Ky’s” wearin is a Filson’s Levi’s Trucker type.

Mexican Vato

This guy’s posing as an imposter.


Hussong's Cantina

The surfer dude’s in Dave Nucomes art class at San Degu UHS circa 1965 used to call him “Hussong’s”.  They didn’t know how to pronounce “BuChans,” – frankly neither do I.   But these guys could surf K-38.


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