Just recently returned from Southern California and had the opportunity to go to several artists residences.  The first one shown is the Jim Hubbell land and structures.  His primary residence built in 1958 is on the San Diego register of Historic Houses.  I first went up there in 1969 with an art class from Palomar CC.  The structures are very hobbitt like and reminds one of Gaudi’s work in Spain.  Each room being a different stand alone building.

Boy’s House

Jim is very engaging and when he asked what I do he immediately put me to work helping out on a project.

This drawing I did from Jim’s design is for a river park in SE San Diego,

For further info go to Jim’s website@

Good friend Jeanie Radakovich who does some work for Jim invited me to accompany her up there for the day.  I used to live at her parent’s place in Encinitas, CA.

Svetozar and Ruth Radakovich were internationally known and respected jewelers.  Follow their story

Mengei Gallery in Balboa Park 2011 w a Svetozar door

Anna Braswell, Jean Radakovich, and EL KY at the Radakovich residence in Encinitas,CA

I have known Jeanie since 1969 and also have a couple of Toza’s “Snake Rings”  similar to ones shown on their website.  Their work has been on display in the LACMA and MENGEI museums highlighting California Mid – Century Modern Design recently in conjunction with The Getty museum.

Gallery of photos


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