Buk of Jak Ch. 8 v. 112 – 113

JHP in his Finery

Feel the Psychic Power


One thought on “Buk of Jak Ch. 8 v. 112 – 113

  1. thank you for posting this sacred intimate side of you Jak Jack El Kai Yah Ho Tey. i recommend you mention these new postings on your caringBridge blog journal so people know to look for new stuff. this is crucial, to me. and i am so grateful to you for this. i wonder if the words of John Henry Payne could be transcribed into text to accompany this video. i would be willing to try to transcribe it and have you proof my transcription—let me know.
    this is sacred work my brother. if i heard JHP right, he said we don’t die. this is in line with several gurus in my life. and i feel JHP is with us here this moment. all gratitude. marty Bristlecone

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