Born: John Anthony BuChans III,  08/13/1949, Columbus, Ohio.  Moved to Coronado, CA 1952 – 1960.  Rancho Santa Fe, 1960 – 1969.  UCSD 1967 – 1968.  Palomar College 1968 – 1970.  California Institute of the Arts 1970 – 1973.  Academy for Future Science 1974 – 1975.  John Henry Payne 1975 – 1976.  Seattle, WA 1976 – to present.  Married to Margaret Kitchell 1980.  Julia born 1981.  Alex born 1983.  Shelly and the Crustaceans Anti – Nuke Performing Troupe 1978 – 1985.  High Hopes Media Productions 1978 – 1990.  Metro Transit Operator 1990 – 2011.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. don’t say i didn’t warn you not to allow comments.
    i was born in Oakland and moved to Worthington Ohio at age 1, and left right about when you were born there. we came real close there for a minute. and now we’re back.
    this is a grand foundation of a beginning. i look forward to seein your flare on this screen. let your spirit roar. Coyote. Bristlecone

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